Hukitola is situated on Jambu island in the Bay of Bengal  of Mahakalapara Block in Kendrapara District. The building having plinth area more than 7000 sq ft , on the island was constructed by the Britishers in 1866/67 during the ” Naanka” drought . This was used to store rice imported from Burma and other places through sea route. It bears testimony to advancement made in construction technology in the 19th century.  The monument , a majestic building with under ground rainwater harvesting system is symbol of the state’s glorious past in maritime.

The place attracts students , scholars and history lovers throughout the year for its scenic location and historical significance. the port and the palace started loosing its importance in 1924 when the Britishers established a port at false point.

The uniqueness of the palace,  however , lies in its roof slope in design . It helps rain water to flow down to four big water pots. The collected water was used for drinking purposes by the merchants throughout the year.

INTACH under ICZM programme renovated Hukitola for eco-tourism.

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How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest Airport is Bhubaneswar 145 Kms

By Train

Nearest Railway Station is Cuttack 120 Kms

By Road

One can reach Kharinasi by taxi from Kendrapara. It is 50 Km away from Kendrapara. By boat or Desi Danga one can reach at the historic place Hukitola.