Bhitar Kanika


Bhitara Kanika was under the jurisdiction of the erstwhile Kanika Estate. It is covered with deep mangrove forests and saline rivers and was declared a sanctuary on 21.04.1975. It is a world famous place for natural crocodile breeding. Located in the estuarial region of Brahmani-Baitarani , in the north eastern place of Kendrapara districts, the national park covers an area of 672 sq km of mangrove forests and wetland. Crossed by a thick network of brooks with the bay of Bengal on the east , Bhitar Kanika is home to over 215 species of birds , including winter migratory birds from Europe and Central-Asia as the park provides a congenial atmosphere and serene , pollution free environment , birds migrate thousands of miles to Bhitar Kanika to escape the harsh winter in Ladakh, ManoSarovar , Himalayan region, Siberia , Kazaksthan , Mongolia , Russia , Afghanistan , Iraq, Northen Asia and some central European countries. The area has designated as the second Ramsar Site of the state in August 2002. It is a unique area with rich biodiversity as it covers different eco systems such as landmass, tidal water bodies of the deltaic region , estuaries and teritorial waters of the Bay of Bengal along with their associated flora and fauna.


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  • Migratory Birds in Bhitar Kanika
  • Migratory Birds in Bhitar Kanika
  • Baga Gahan in Bhitar Kanika

How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest Airport Bhubaneswar – 155 km

By Train

Nearest Railway Station Cuttack - 135 Km

By Road

It can be approached by road from Rajnagar via Khola Check gate. It is about 30 Kms. from Rajnagar by road. Dangmal can also be approached from Gupti by boat through Patsala river and then Bhitarkanika nala in that order. Gupti is about 25 Kms. from Rajnagar and Dangmal is 1 Hr. 15 minutees journey by boat from Gupti. Dangmal can be approached from Chandbali by boat in Baitarani, Brahmani and the Khola creek in the Bhitarkanika Nala in that order. Travelling by boat is advisable as it entails a thrilling experience.