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This is the first lighthouse installed in eastern coast of India. It is around 45 KM from District HQ. It is situated in a village named Batighar, on the other bank of river Kharinasi. It is surrounded with pleasant natural beauty. Once upon a time, this was known as Kaudia Dwip and used as hunting ground of Kujanga Kings. Construction of this lighthouse was started on 6th December, 1836 and it was lighted on 16th October 1837. The stones used were transported from Barabati Fort, Cuttack. The height is 125 feet, foundation wall is 15 feet thick. The diameter at land level is 10 feet. To reach the top, 138 steps made of cement concrete and a 16-step ladder are there. The speciality of this lighthouse is that it is operational from the date of its lighting and presently it is managed by Calcutta Light House.

False Point Port

In front of the Batighar, it was the first modern port of Orissa coastline. At the mouth of river Mahanadi & Jamboo, this port was commissioned in the year 1855 and was in working condition till 22nd October 1924. A devastating storm on 22nd September 1885 completely destroyed this port. There was a submerged ship in the nearby sea, which is the reminiscent of the past glory.


It was the go-down of the False Point Port. It is constructed in the Jamboo island by British according to the wish of Captain Harris. It was a storm proof go-down. The length and breadth of this structure are 150 and 75 feet respectively. Roof area is 11,250 sq.feet. It consists of 11 large size and 9 small size chambers. Height of the rooftop from land is 30 feet.  It attracts tourist for its natural atmosphere and past glory.

Kanika Palace


It was a massive palace constructed by King of Kanika, Rajendra Narayan Bhanja Deo. It was  constructed on a area of 4 acres of land and height of the structure is of 75 feet. It is situated in Rajkanika Block and around 50 KM from District HQ. The beauty of the palace is unbelievable.

Aul Palace

It is situated near Aul township. It is an ancient palace spread over 40 acres of land. Other structures like Rajbati, Ranimahal, Ghodashala, Bhandar, Udyan, Pramoda Udyan, Debalaya, Devi mandir are included in the palace. Near a river, it was built in a serene atmosphere. It is a famous tourist spot.

At a nearer place, lies the burial  place of  famous freedom fighter Dharanidhar Bhuyan.

Aul Palace

Aul Palace along River

Aul Kothi

It was constructed by king Padmanabh Dev at a village Rajnagar of Derabish Block. It was sprawling palatial building. Within its boundary lies the burial place of  Nathaguru Shailendra Nath. Behind this building, situated the temple of Lord Umakanteswar.

Dhamara Port

It was an ancient port on the bank of river Baitarani, around 5 KM from Kanika Palace. The reminiscent are the direction tower and some remaining of ancient structures.


Once upon a time, Badakotha ( a big building) in Orissa  only indicated to the 2 stair building of  Radhashyam Narendra near the Kendrapara Bus stand. This building was connected to many historic events and famous personnel of Orissa. Freedom fighter Chandradhwaj Shandha, King of Paralakhemundi, Kabi Samrat Upendra Bhanja, Bidagdha Kabi Abhimanyu Samanta Singhar, Natyarathi Gobinda Chandra Shura Deo. It was the first school of famous creative personalities like Sangeet Guru Mohini Sundar Goswami, Kabi Chandra Kali Pattanaik,  Gayaka Srestha Balakrushna Das, Musicians like Gokula Harichandan and his nephew Nimain Harichandan. It was the resting place of  Kabisurya Sadananda Brahma, Byasakabi Phakir Mohan Senapati, Sadhu Arakhita Das, Karma veer Gouri Sankar Ray, Utkal Gourab Madhusudan Das, & the hidden chamber of famous freedom fighter Gopabandhu Choudhury and Malati Devi.


It was an ancient centre of maritime business, which is situated in Patkura constituency. A massive sand dune sprawling over 15 acres of  land and of a height 25 feet, surrounded by deep forest is a pilgrim centre. On the day of Magha Saptami, lakhs of  visitors reach this spot to take a glance of  sun rise. It is a fine spot for picnic.

Bhitara Kanika


It was under the jurisdiction of erstwhile Kanika Estate. It is covered with deep mangrove forest and saline rivers. It ws declared as Sanctuary from 21-04-1975. It is a world famous place for natural crocodile breeding. The environment is full with heavenly natural beauty. Added with innumerous animals like deer, Wild boar, monkeys, Monitor, Python, King Cobra.


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